On Pointe

Creating while dancing

Creating while Dancing

I’m a ballet dancer that loves to create everything from digital and manual illustrations, to photography, graphic design and even poetry

My Work

As a digital and manual illustrator, I like to explore different techniques and materials, to create worlds that transmit emotions and sensations, to let your imagination free. Please click the image or here to see my Illustration Portfolio. 

Focusing on simplicity and the power of colors, design can be powerful to transmit ideas. I have loved working with brands that allow me to explore the connection in social media with personalized design. Please click the image or here to see my design work and social media work. 

As a ballet dancer, I have a fascination for the art of movement and capturing the essence of dance. I am heavily influenced by the shapes and forms dancers make and love to incorporate them in my work to transmit my passion to others. That is how “Creating On Pointe” got started and keeps growing everyday. Please click the image or here to see my work influenced by my background as a dancer. 

The art of light is a beautiful too to capture the spontaneity of human expression and movement. The body transmits so many ideas and thoughts without the use of words, that only photography can freeze a moment that will never appear again Please click the image or here to see my Portrait and Dance Photography, from the perspective of a dancer.